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About Sarah Piampiano

Sarah Piampiano is one of the top female professional triathletes. Her story began as a competitive younger sister who goes on to a lot of early athletic achievement. A pivotal point in her life was when her friend Todd dared her to sign up for a triathlon. Over a few too many drinks and a pack of cigarettes, Sarah bet Todd that she could show up and beat him at his race. No training. No preparation. She won the bet, simultaneously quit smoking and started doing more triathlons. In 2012 she left her finance job to pursue a pro career as a triathlete and now is one of the world’s top female triathletes. Trading her bad habits in for good ones made a huge impact her life, and Sarah wants to pay it forward to you.


Sarah can be found at or on social media at @SarahPiampiano (TW) @Spiampiano (IG)

About Jordan Blanco

Jordan Blanco was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. She moved to the New York City to work in finance after graduating from the University of Bristol. After several years on Wall Street, she continued her westward journey to study for an MBA at Stanford University in Northern California and she has called the San Francisco Bay Area home ever since. Jordan is a business owner and marketing consultant with a passion for endurance sports. She has competed in over 100 triathlons and is a 5x qualifier to Ironman Hawaii.


Jordan can be found at Triathlon Training Tales or on social media at @jordanblancoSF (TW) and @jordanblanco (IG)

About Laurence Delisle

Laurence Delisle was born and raised a swimmer. From infancy, the pool was her second home. Her swimming career took her to UCLA where she competed at Division I NCAAs, US Olympic Trials and Canadian Olympic Trials while obtaining her BS in Biology. After having to medically retire from swimming due to a broken shoulder, Laurence set her sights on Triathlon. She discovered her passion and love for the sport and decided to forgo her Marine Biology career and train full time with Matt Dixon of purplepatch fitness. She currently resides in San Francisco, CA where she trains and teaches private swim lessons.

Laurence can be found at or on social media at @laurencedelisle (IG) and @ldelisle09 (TW).

About Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon is coach to professional triathlete and Habit Project founder Sarah Piampiano, among many other successful professional and amateur triathletes. He is the head coach and founder of Purplepatch Fitness. Check out his book, The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential Into Performance


Matt can be found at or on social media at @purplepatch.

About Zoe Keller

Zoë Keller is a Holistic Health Coach, foodie, herbalist, amateur yogi, and all-around wellness warrior. Her philosophy is based on using food as a catalyst to begin an overall wellness transformation, because food gives us an opportunity to make thoughtful choices about our health every day. She guides and inspires her clients to learn to listen to their body, find foods that work for them, increase the nutrients in their diet, and begin living mindfully. These shifts empower people to take ownership of their health and find new freedom in their life.


Zoë can be found at or on social media at @onebeet.

About Stacy Tager

Stacy Tager was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. After attending and earning a B.A. and an M.A. in Business from the University of Hartford (CT) she headed West. Stacy has called Southern California home for nearly 24 years. She and her long time partner, David are raising three children, ages 15,18, and 20. As a full time mother for 20 years, Stacy has served on the Board of Directors of her children’s nursery school and continues to volunteer for numerous organizations and community programs.